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Tall Ships’ Races 2010 Antwerp-Aalborg

Day 0 (Monday, July 12) I woke up very early in Oslo, and went to the train station where I got the train to the airport. After a short flight I was in Brussels Airport, from where I took the bus to Antwerp under a pouring rain. When I got in Antwerp the rain was […]

NOR Seil 2009 Ålesund-Florø

Day 1 (Saturday, July 18) Woke up in Oslo at Petru’s place, after a night-out in the city and only 3 hours to sleep. I walked to the train station, where I met with the sailors with whom I will travel on the ship Mathilde. We took the train to Dombås, where I was playing […]

Ekte Pirat 2008 Scotland-Ireland

Day 0 (Friday, July 27) Left from Skien around 12:30, and took the flight from Torp to Glasgow. In Glasgow I walked to the other train station and took the train to Perth. In Perth I had a small dinner (fried goat cheese and sunblush salad) at a hotel restaurant, then took the train to […]

Ekte Pirat 2007 Bergen

Day 0 (Tuesday, July 10) The start of the journey. All 15 pirates gather in Bergen on board the sailing ship Dyrafjeld. Captain Lars welcomes everyone and explains what we will do. At night we slept on the ship. Day 1 (Wednesday, July 11) Met the ship crew (Jon the skipper, Kai the steward, Arling […]