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Who are you?

I guess that if you opened this page attracted by the website title “Norwegian life hacks for expats and exchange students”, you are probably in one of these situations:

  • An expat in Norway: probably moved recently with a job, or came to Norway for love (btw, expat or expatriate means somebody coming in from a different country to live for a period of time), or thinking about coming to Norway
  • An exchange student: going to stay one or two semesters, or maybe study a whole master or even PhD
  • An au pair
  • A Norwegian (beklager at jeg skriver pΓ₯ engelsk) living in Norway, or a Norwegian returning to Norway after a long absence (a repat or repatriate)
  • Or a category I didn’t foresee

Whatever your situation, welcome to my website! Check out the about me page if you want to get an idea of who is writing this stuff.

About the website

What I hope the website can help you with:

  • Getting to a good situation (job, living conditions, love life, social life). Maybe you start at the bottom now or you are already in a good place, or maybe you are somewhere in the middle. Whatever the case, why not stick around to read about how you can improve your situation?
  • Have some money saved for a personal goal: buy an apartment in Norway, or buy a boat, or buy a hytte (cabin) in Norway, or maybe return to your country with money to establish yourself
  • Have good health (I would have put this first on the list, but I guess most people are interested in money first anyway)
  • Be fit (for girls) and muscular (for guys). I’m not talking about running marathons or looking good in spandex at the gym while deadlifting 200 kg or riding the bicycle like a maniac on the way to work – forget what you read in the media and get inspired to eat and train properly. Hopefully even Norwegians will change their perceptions a bit about eating and training
  • Become somebody famous: writer, politician, actor, kjendis. If that’s your goal, I can’t help much, except giving you some tips about how to become a blogger

Choose your topic

So here are some starting points for my website:

I hope you will have fun and learn a thing or two. Send me a message if you don’t get anything out of my website!

And if you get something from my website (money saved, or better health or whatever), why not send me a message anyway? πŸ™‚


Why did I create this website? To help others like me and to make money of course. πŸ™‚ I will keep this website ad-free, but I will promote some books which I think are very helpful (they were for me) and other content I create elsewhere (check out my store). You don’t need to buy anything when reading this website. My own book will come out eventually, with the same content from the website (or a bit more extended version), but you don’t need to buy that either (except if you would really like to support me and my project).

Vi ses inne (see you inside)! πŸ™‚