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My photo mentions

Some of my pictures were used for something or entered some competitions:

Day 1 - Tate Modern 02

3rd place October 2007 in Snap for a Nap Competition

Day 3 - Gibraltar - Ape Reserve 04

Used in php|architect February 2009

Day 2 - Dublinia 07

Used in Schmap Guides – Museums of Ireland

2008-09-03 - Mangalia Harbour

Used in Quest Bulgaria Property and Lifestyle Magazine

Day 6 - Uppsala 03 - Gamla Uppsala

Used in Gamla Uppsala article on Sobre Turismo blog

Day 4 - Stockholm 22 - Vasa Museum

Used in Stockholm article on

2010-08-22 - Frank Znort Quartet Concert

Used in the printed May issue of Outlook Traveller magazine.

Oslo Middelalderfestival 2010 02

Used in the article Oslo Middelalderfestival.

If you like any of my pictures and want to use them for something, please specify my name in credits.