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Brussels-Bruges Trip

Day 1 (Friday, May 21)
I went to the bus station in Oslo to meet with Petru and Marcin and together we took the bus to the Rygge airport. After a short flight we were in Charleroi airport in Belgium and the adventure to get to our hostel began.

First we waited more than 30 minutes in the queue to buy tickets for the shuttle bus. Then we were trying to buy tickets for the local buses in Brussels but our cards were not accepted. After buying the tickets from an underground kiosk, we took the wrong tram and ended in another part of the city, so we had to go back and take the correct tram. Eventually we reached the hostel after 3 hours from landing, and we waited some time in the lobby while drinking Limoncino.

Already drunk, we went to the city and had a huge portion of French fries in the center. We couldn’t have the fries at the last authentic Friterie where the single girls are not waiting for the bus (as we read in a guide book), because it was closed.

Day 1 - Brussels 03

After the French fries we saw a repetition of the Zinneke Parade, and had a big dinner with a few fruity beers.

After the dinner we went back to the hostel for a refill of Limoncino, then we went to the You Night Club where it was a Back to the 80s party. The nice girl at the entrance didn’t want to let us in in the beginning, but Petru convinced her with his charm. The party and the music were great, and it didn’t finish at 3 in the morning as we were used to. There were lots of hats, wigs and pink scarfs around for people to wear.

2010-05-21 - Brussels-Bruges Trip, Day 1 - Back to the 80s party

Around 04:30 we went back to the hostel, not finding a kebab shop on the way.

Day 2 (Saturday, May 22)
I woke up quite early and went to eat something. I found a great place called Aux Cent D’wiches, with great and cheap sandwiches. I got Petru and Marcin there and they liked it as well, eating there every morning. I also sent a message to Carolina to buy some Limoncino on the way.

We wanted to go to Atomium, but instead were just walking and found the Koelkeberg Cathedral by mistake. We were having some beers we got in a local shop while taking jumping pictures in front of the cathedral. We also went inside.

Day 2 - Brussels 04

After the cathedral we went back to the hostel where Carolina was waiting for us, with a detour to the same local shop to buy more beers and to the supermarket to get even more beers.

Together with Carolina we went to the city to watch the Zinneke Parade which only happens every 2 years on the weekend we were in Brussels.

Day 2 - Brussels 08

After the parade we got some more French fries and took the metro to Atomium. We also went inside and were almost the last ones in.

2010-05-22 - Brussels-Bruges Trip, Day 2 - Atomium

After Atomium we got some icecream and stayed on the grass in the park outside Atomium. Then we went walking in the park to see the Chinese Pavilion and the Japanese Tower.

Day 2 - Brussels 24

After this we returned to the hostel where Petru and Marcin got lots of beers to see the Champions League final, while the rest were sleeping. After the game we refilled with Limoncino and went out to the same club, You Night Club. It was a posh night and everybody was dressed nicely. At first the bouncer didn’t want to let me in because I forgot to wash my sports shoes, but the owner of the club, the same woman who let us in the previous night, came and let us in.

After some dancing and using my newly acquired green sunglasses, me and Carolina left with a side trip to a Greek fast-food place. Petru and Marcin came later making lots of noise. Then the symphony of snoring began.

Day 3 (Sunday, May 23)
I woke up early again and went to the same sandwich shop, and eventually all the others went to the same shop. We got Leia from USA with us and together we took the train to Bruges. While waiting for the train Carolina found a porquinho to talk to.

In Bruges we walked around the town and entered almost all cathedrals, then went up the Belfort and its 366 steps to see the view.

2010-05-23 - Brussels-Bruges Trip, Day 3 - Bruges Sightseeing

After this we went to a nice restaurant Cambrinus to have some good food and lots of beers.

Wanting to go for the boat tour around the canals, we asked some tourists for the way and they directed us in the wrong direction. Eventually we found the boat tour harbour, and we got lucky that we could get in since it was past the closing time and we got on the last boat. The boat tour was nice and well worth it.

Day 3 - Bruges 06

After this we took the train back to Brussels, standing on the floor since it was very crowded.

Back in Brussels we went to the European Parliament and then to see Manneken Pis.

Day 3 - Brussels 03

We then went for some Greek gyros and then back to the hostel.

Day 4 (Monday, May 24)
Me, Petru and Marcin woke up early to get the flight back to Oslo, while Carolina had one more day in Brussels. At the airport we got some beers and slept all the way to Oslo.

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