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NOR Seil 2009 Ålesund-Florø

Day 1 (Saturday, July 18)

Woke up in Oslo at Petru’s place, after a night-out in the city and only 3 hours to sleep.

I walked to the train station, where I met with the sailors with whom I will travel on the ship Mathilde.

We took the train to Dombås, where I was playing cards with Sandra and Jenny, and sitting in the restaurant car alone while the others were sleeping.

In Dombås we changed the train to Åndalsnes, seeing great scenery on the way.

In Åndalsnes we took the bus to Ålesund, where we will stay at Volsdalen Camping.

Day 1 - Volsdalen Camping 02

We set up 3 tents (lavvo) and played some icebreaker games to learn our names.

Later we prepared a BBQ with fish, rice and pølse. While waiting for the food we tied a line between 2 trees and tried to walk on it, with me not being able to stand up on it.

Hakan came to visit me as he just lives in the area in a small town (or village as he calls it).

Later we played volleyball, and card games after I twisted my ankle a bit. It began raining after the rainbow appeared on the sky, and we retreated to our tents.

The population of my tent was bigger than in the beginning, with Edoardo, Sandra, Jenny, Marie, Maxi and Katrin. Plus the food.

It was raining a lot and there was lots of noise from the rain drops falling on the tent.

Day 2 (Sunday, July 19)

Waking up early we prepared breakfast, with me adding instant coffee to the porridge because I didn’t have a cup to drink coffee. Everybody was laughing about it. Later I borrowed a cup from Luba so I can drink coffee like normal people.

We left with the bus to Vigra island, where it was cloudy and cold.

Day 2 - Vigra Island 06

But the weather got better and sunnier, and we spent a full day with hiking, kayaks, volleyballand just enjoying the sun.

Day 2 - Vigra Island 12

We returned to our camping place when it began raining, having to run to the bus stop as we were waiting in the wrong place. We had dinner outside in the rain.

We stayed in my tent for a few hours playing a card game with vegetables and slurping, and then went to sleep.

I woke up in the night all wet because it was raining so much that the water came in the tent, through the matress and the sleeping bag, and my t-shirt was all wet.

Day 3 (Monday, July 20)

Woke up wet and stayed in the camping kitchen to try to dry my clothes.

We packed the tents and left Volsdalen Camping, taking a bus to Ålesund. It was raining non-stop.

Day 3 - Ålesund 01

In Ålesund we went straight to our ship Mathilde. I borrowed from Michael the first mate an orange costume used by fishermen, to protect myself against the rain.

The ship left the harbour, and we were off to Runde. We got introduced to the crew, and Michael assigned numbers to us and distributed us to different watches (steering, outlook, navigation, "be nice" watch).

We arrived in Runde in the afternoon, and we went for a walk around the island, stopping at Runde Kafe for a long time, to warm up with some coffee and cake.

Day 3 - Runde 02

We got back to Mathilde to learn about knots, and to see a documentary movie about the fish trade in the 1920s on the west coast of Norway.

After dinner on board we left for a walk to Fuglefjellet, to see puffins.

Day 3 - Runde 08

When we got back to the ship we had to tie hammocks to the ceiling using the knots we learned.

Day 3 - Runde 09

Then we went to sleep as all the lights were turned off on the ship.

Day 4 (Tuesday, July 21)

Woke up early on the ship, but nobody was up until 07:30.

Some people went with the rowing boat and came back with a full load of crabs and fish, on which we spent a few hours untying them from the fish net.

Day 4 - Runde 03

Then we left Runde and did a bit of sailing.

Day 4 - Herøyfjorden 13

We did our watches as they were planned by Michael, while doing some other fun activities on board, like walking the line and eating the crabs we caught earlier. I got to try steering the ship a bit.

We arrived in Kvamsøya in the evening, where we went on a nice hike to the top. We took some group pictures there then came back to the ship. I was walking slowly because I sprang my ankle again and was afraid to walk faster.

Day 4 - Kvamsøya

We had to go to sleep very early as the plan was to wake up at 04:30 to pass the Stadhavet waters.

Day 5 (Wednesday, July 22)

Woke up at 04:30. To my surprise almost everybody was awake and on deck.

Day 5 - Stadhavet 05

We passed through the rough waters of Stadhavet quite easily, but felt the big waves and the motion of the ship. Fortunately nobody was sick.

After Stadhavet some people went to sleep, while others continued to enjoy the view.

Around 08:30 we arrived in Selje. Me and Jenny prepared the breakfast which we had on deck, while curious people came by and were asking us about our ship.

Day 5 - Selja Island 04

After breakfast we went to Silja island with the ferry, where there is a very old church. The guide girl was singing a hymn to Saint Sunniva which was very nice.

After the tour we returned to Selje where we used the shower facilities, then enjoyed the sun on deck, even having lunch there. We changed to summer attire as it was very hot, and we did some suntanning on the ship.

In the afternoon we left Selje and did some sailing and steering, and even more walking the line.

Day 5 - Røysetfjorden 04

We arrived in Rugsund in the evening, where I spent some time playing Fluxx and Munchkin, while Sandra was reading bedtime stories to Jenny and Anders. Other people were at a pub where they went with the rowing boat.

I slept on the bench as the others complained I was snoring too much in the hammock. This apparently didn’t help as I was to find out next day.

Day 6 (Thursday, July 23)

We left Rugsund early and set course to south, going in a zig-zag through the fjords and islands.

I got to try steering the ship with the rope-rudder, trying to hold the course through islands and keeping right when there was another ship coming.

Day 6 - Skatestraumen 03

We had some lessons about the names of sails and ropes, which were hard to get because they were in Norwegian.

We passed Florø on the way and were sailing in Brufjorden south of Florø. We got to raise the big sail and changed the sailing direction a few times, going against the wind. With all these activities we had time to make a group picture on deck.

Day 6 - Brufjorden 08

In the evening we arrived at Svanøyna, where we dropped the achor (which had a rusty chain and was not used in many years).

Since the weather was sunny, almost everybody jumped in the water, trying to avoid the poisonous medusas in the process.

Day 6 - Svanøyna 12

After a delicious dinner on deck we were relaxing and learning how to braid hair.

I left with Vidar, Julie, Maxi and Katrin with the rowing boat on a tour around Svanøyna.

Day 6 - Svanøyna 26

After we came back we played cards on deck, and learned how to braid bracelets.

We went to sleep close to midnight, in the middle of the small golf, with no waves. The ship was rotating by itself, but very slow.

Day 7 (Friday, July 24)

I woke up early. This time there were other people from the crew on deck, and I had coffee and cake with them.

After breakfast on deck we relaxed for a bit, while some people tried to climb the mast using only the ropes.

We left the golf and did some more sailing in Brufjorden, stopping on the way for lunch. It was the last meal on the ship. Me, Jenny and Maxi prepared the tables, and I had lots of problems understanding Gunvor’s accent, and many times I had to get some words translated.

After the lunch we arrived in Florø, where we had only one hour for sightseeing.

Day 7 - Florø 01

Then we took the express boat to Bergen. On the boat I slept a few minutes, then enjoyed the view on deck, and afterwards we played cards on the floor, with me winning almost everytime at President. That is until we restarted, and then I began to lose a few times.

Day 7 - Bergen 01

In Bergen we went to Peppes Pizza, doing a bit of sightseeing in Bryggen before our train was leaving.

We took the night train to Oslo. There was a dog in our compartment and we were complaining that we cannot sleep with him there, but there was nothing we could do. I slept with the eye cover over my nose, having a beer first in the restaurant wagon.

Day 8 (Saturday, July 25)

Woke up in the train to Oslo around 05:00 and went to the restaurant wagon to have a coffee.

We arrived in Oslo around 06:15. Everybody was sleepy, and we said good-bye and went our own way. Me, Jenny, Sandra and Ingrid stayed in the train station waiting for our trains. I took the bus to Drammen with Jenny and Sandra, and then the train to Larvik, finally getting the bus to Skien from there.

I arrived home around 11:00 and went to sleep for many hours.

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