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Ekte Pirat 2007 Bergen

Day 0 (Tuesday, July 10)

The start of the journey. All 15 pirates gather in Bergen on board the sailing ship Dyrafjeld. Captain Lars welcomes everyone and explains what we will do.

At night we slept on the ship.

Day 1 (Wednesday, July 11)

Met the ship crew (Jon the skipper, Kai the steward, Arling the best man, Ole and Sten the matelots).

Left Bergen and we are heading into the fjords. We had fire drills and knot tying lessons.

Day 1 - Fire Drill 01

It is amazing to be on the sea in a sail ship.

At night we slept on the ship in a small port on Lysøen Island, where the violonist Ole Bull built this villa with a Russian-like tower.

2007-07-11 - Ekte Pirat 2, Day 1 - Lysøen Island

Day 2 (Thursday, July 12)

Left from Lysøen Island and heading to Sundal.

Day 2 - Raising The Sails 05

The wind was in our favour so the skipper decided to raise the sails.

2007-07-12 - Ekte Pirat 2, Day 2 - Pirates!

A pirate flag was also raised. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to slip into my pirate outfit (bandana, eye-patch, gold earing), which I bought in Oslo in a children shop.

At night we slept on the ship in Sundal.

Day 3 (Friday, July 13)

Very nice weather to have a hike to see the Sundal glacier (Bondhusbrea, Bondhusbreen).

2007-07-13 - Ekte Pirat 2, Day 3 - Hike To Bondhusbrea

After the hike we left Sundal to go to Norheimsund, a place where ships are built and restored.

Day 3 - Norheimsund Harbour 02

We played beach volleyball in Norheimsund and slept on the ship.

Day 4 (Saturday, July 14)

We had a tour of Norheimsund ship museum in the morning, and we learned how ships are built and how ropes are made.

We left Norheimsund to go to Rosendal, where we will spend the night and the following day.

Day 4 - Rosendal Sawmill 02

We slept in a sawmill and baked pinnebrød (some kind of bread dough) on a stick, in a Sami-like tent (lavvu).

2007-07-14 - Ekte Pirat 2, Day 4 - Rosendal Lavvu

Day 5 (Sunday, July 15)

Still in Rosendal. We had 2 expeditions, one to the Barony ("the smallest castle in Norway") and one to the waterfall.

2007-07-15 - Ekte Pirat 2, Day 5 - Rosendal Waterfall

Went back to the ship in the evening and slept on the ship in Rosendal port.

Day 6 (Monday, July 16)

We left Rosendal and went straight to Bergen. The trip was only 7 hours.

2007-07-16 - Ekte Pirat 2, Day 6 - Back To Bergen

This is the team of pirates, and the ship Dyrafjeld in the background. In the far background is the fortress in Bergen. The pirates are (from left to right): Simon, Sarita, Frederik, Trom, Miriam, Lars, Hilde, Anna, Thomas, Flora, Carl, Maria, Alexandru, Geir Anders, Audun.

We went on a hike to Fløybannen in the rain.

We slept on the ship in the Bergen harbour.

Day 7 (Tuesday, July 17)

We had a tour of the Bergen center and then we cleaned the ship.

Time to leave. Me and Flora took another train than the other pirates. Everybody recommends to take the train from Oslo to Bergen during the day, and now I understand why.

Slept in Oslo at Flora’s place and went the next day to Skien, straight to work.

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